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Faces behind 10 Magical Fingers

Making your learning experience simple and comfortable The Aim behind our website is to make the learning experience simple and comfortable. In this busy world, we hardly get time to explore and nourish our hobbies. Our website helps such people to learn the piano sitting at home without spending any extra time. We try our best to make the website more resourceful. Here are the faces behind our website.

Why choose us?


Our tutorials are well organised and edited making yoiur learning experince very comfortable. We have a special notation sheet format which contains the information in staff format as well as ABCD Format. This makes our notation sheet readble by any person who has not learnt the staff notations before.


We work very hard to make sure our customers get answers to their queries on priority. Our members can call our customer support team 24X7 for any assitance.


Vishal Bagul CEO

+91 820 879 8349

Kajol Bagul IT Head

Kajol Bagul IT Head

likes listening music, loves spending times with friends, computer science engineer by profession, heads the IT section.

Priya Content Head

painting and sketching expert, loves reading novel, electronics engineer by profession, heads the content and design section.

Vinod Social Media

likes writing and reading books. Heads the socials networking and marketing section at 10 Magical Fingers.

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